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Mass. House Speaker Wants Casino Gambling On November Ballot


Governor Duval Patrick has been a proponent of legalized casino gambling since he took office in Massachusetts. He actually used his views on legalized gambling as a major issue in getting himself elected in the state.

He gave a proposal to legislators in hopes that they would follow his lead. He outlined a plan for legalized casino gambling in the state, but was rejected by the lawmakers.

At the center of that rejection was House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. He and his fellow lawmakers shot down Patrick’s proposal. Now Dimasi is opening the door to legalized gambling once again.

He has proposed that a question regarding casino gambling be put on the ballot for November. No law would be made through the question, it would simply be an inquiry into the pulse of voters.

Patrick supporters quickly opposed putting the question on the ballot. They feel it would be counterproductive since voters have already shown that voters are in favor of legalized gambling.

“Poll after poll has shown solid support for the governor’s resort casino proposal,” said Economic Development Secretary and Chief Adviser on Gambling Issues, Daniel O’Connell.

Vietnam Gets $4.2 Billion Casino From Canadian Company

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Casino gambling is expanding around the world once again. What used to be confined to Las Vegas, and more recently, Macau, is now becoming commonplace around the world.

Casino gambling is gaining steam in the United States. Other countries are also expanding their casino laws to allow for more casino gambling. It is becoming the norm in today’s society.

A Canadian company has announced plans for a luxurious casino and resort in Vietnam. The cost of the project is estimated to be $4.2 billion. The location of the casino resort will be south Vietnam.

The complex, in addition to having a casino and a golf course, will also have two hotels with 2,300 rooms. The first stage of the plans are expected to be finished in 2011.

The Ho Tram Strip project, which is being completed by Asian Coast Development Ltd., has already been licensed by the Vietnamese government. The company is hoping to have the whole project done within ten years.

Saturday will be the groundbreaking ceremonies for the project. Interestingly enough, gambling is illegal for Vietnamese people, but the government allows foreigners to gamble at casinos within the country.

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