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Marketing Results Inc Celebrates 20 Years as a Casino Industry Leader


Marketing Results Inc. (MRI), a leading full-service casino marketing communications agency, announced today the celebration of 20 years in business.

The agency was conceived in March 1988 by Gary A. Border. Since then, Marketing Results has matured within the industry, evolving its scope and offerings beyond database marketing to services that include: market research, brand and positioning, promotions, player’s club development, operations support and pre-opening services for casinos, and advertising and ecommerce. In 2006 the Advanced Intelligence Marketing (AIM) system was developed to empower clients with state-of-the-art business intelligence, campaign management and player development software system.

“Customer relations are not about transactions,” Border said. “Gamblers want service and personality. We help our casino clients keep the dialogue open using cutting-edge technology. These communications enhance their brands and increase response rates to all database marketing efforts.”

Since 1988 Marketing Results has developed marketing solutions through scientific research and studying gamblers. These solutions reveal opportunities for growth in their casino clients’ databases and ultimately lead to better communication and more loyal player relationships. Over the past twenty years the agency has assisted operations in opening 15 casinos, aiding in 6 major expansions, designing 22 player loyalty programs and serving 80 gaming clients, including the biggest names in the business.

About Marketing Results Inc. (MRI) Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, Marketing Results is a full-service marketing and communications agency that specializes in metropolitan casino resorts, Native American owned properties and Midwest riverboat and racino operations. Marketing Results has developed and provided software solutions for player development, campaign management and database management. The company is engaged in creative services and all aspects of communications, campaign management and consulting for casinos in North American and Canadian gaming venues.

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