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Mark Up Phase Of Barney Frank Online Gambling Bill Complete, Vote Coming Later Today


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What was expected to be a longer wait throughout the day, quickly turned into the mark up phase of the new Barney Frank online gambling Bill, members of the Finance Services Committee approved the mark up and it will now go to a full vote later in the day.

Frank and some of his fellow Committee members blasted the sports leagues for their opposition to the Bill. Representative King went as far as to say that he was shocked by the opposition of the sports leagues to a Bill that they were held out of.

Frank was perplexed that the major sports leagues would oppose the Bill even after he conceded to them and excluded them from the Bill, against his wishes. Now that the marking up stage is complete, Frank will try to break the deadlock that caused the Bill to fail a few months ago. The Bill will go to vote later in the day.

Representative Bacchus continued his assault on the Bill, claiming that Frank is continually trying to impede the UIGEA from moving forward. He opposed the Bill, just as he had last time, but did acknowledge thanks for the revisions that were made by Frank in the new Bill.

Stay with CGW for the entire day as we will have updates of the vote as soon as it takes place.

New York Post Being Sued By Three Chiefs Over Gambling Editorials

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When a major new publication takes a stand on an issue, they must be careful how they word their opinions. The New York Post is accused of going overboard in recent editorials in their paper.

Three chiefs from the St. Regis Mohawks have taken exception to things that were printed in editorials in the New York Post. The chiefs have filed a defamation lawsuit.

The tribe had proposed to build a gambling casino near New York City. The proposal was for a casino in Monticello. The New York Post took exception to the casino and the proposal.

The lawsuit is claiming that the paper portrayed the tribe as a criminal enterprise. The chiefs are seeking $60 million in payment from the defamation lawsuit.

Two editorials are the focal point of the lawsuit. The first one was published last year. It claimed that the tribe was involved with a cigarette and gun smuggling ring. It also portrayed the tribe as being involved with engaging in shoot-outs with police officers.

In the second editorial, that was published last month, the words “criminal enterprise” was used in describing the tribe. The chiefs have filed the lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court

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