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Man Sues Ex-Friends For His Share Of Gambling Lottery Winnings


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People everyday pool their money together to try and maximize their chances to win in their local lotteries. The deal is usually that if the group holds the winning ticket, everyone who chipped in for the ticket would split the winnings.

Slawomir Kowalewski had been a part of one of those groups form many years. He and his co-workers at the Powco Steel plant had been buying lottery tickets for quite some time as a group.

Last January, Kowalewski was set to go on a vacation to Poland. He tried to give his portion of the lottery ticket money to his friend, but was told that he could just pay it when he gets back from his trip.

The stipulation was that Kowalewski had to bring back some special fudge from Poland. While in Poland, he saw that the group had the winning lottery ticket and was overjoyed to return home to his winnings.

The only problem is that when he returned home, he was informed that he was not on the list of contributors to the tickets. He received no money from the winnings.

Now, Kowalewski is suing his ex-friends, claiming that he has a right to his portion of the money. His claim could be real. According to an investigation of the Lottery Commission, two names were whited out on the list it received of winners.

Only twenty seven of the thirty two winners have claimed their prize. The other five who have made claims will wait on a decision as a judge has ordered $3 million put aside until the dispute is settled.

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