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Man Stole Money From Children’s League To Fuel Gambling Habit


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Most countries have moved towards helping lower problem gambling cases. Different educational tools and programs have been put in place to ensure that the addictions of gambling do not interfere with people’s daily lives.

Every now and then, however, the ugly side of gambling still rears its head, and the results are not pretty. That is the case for one man who stole money from a children’s football league to fuel his addiction.

Steven Nunn has watched his life hit rock bottom after taking registration fees from Bourne Vale Football Club and using the money to gamble. Nunn was the secretary of the league.

“Whatever punishment is given to me it will help me to change my life. I am very sorry,” he said. He is now trying to turn his life around after admitting to stealing the money.

Where and when he will begin that turnaround is yet to be determined. His next destination could be jail after admitting to stealing the money. He was arrested on July 18th but was given unconditional bail until a sentencing hearing on September 17th.

Cases like Nunn’s are becoming increasingly

Mississippi Casinos Once Again In Danger As Gustav Approaches

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The states of Louisiana and Mississippi cannot afford another devastating storm. Hurricane Katrina has already ripped apart casinos in the two states, and they are now hoping that Gustav will not follow in that devastation.

Casinos in Mississippi are more prepared than they were when Katrina hit. There have been safety precautions that have been mandated by law, and that should lead to less damage should Gustav come through.

No matter what planning has been done, it still could be a category three hurricane when it hits land, and that could cause severe damage. All the casinos and the residents of Mississippi can do is prepare and hope for the best.

“We have obviously taken measures, but anytime you have that amount of rise in water anything can happen, even with the measures we have taken. We will prepare ourselves the best we can,” said General manager of Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, Chett Harrison.

Some casino barges have been placed inside of dams to help with dangerous weather. The placement, however, does not guarantee anything when they are dealing with Mother Nature.

Much money was spent by the casinos in Mississippi to get back open after Katrina, and another bad storm could put a major dent in their operations. They are just hoping that this one passes with minimal damage.

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