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Making Card Counting Work For You

In blackjack, low valued cards work to the advantage of the dealer and high value cards favor the gambler. The dealer depends on low cards to form a winning combination on a stiff hand. On the other hand, high valued cards create the possibility of the dealer getting busted.

For card counters, maintaining a count can be effective especially when it is combined with the appropriate blackjack strategy and card counting method. When you count cards in blackjack, you can give yourself the chance to beat the house by monitoring the cards that can give you the decided advantage. Maintaining a running count will help you decide the amount you would bet on your present hand.

To many gamblers, card counting may require mathematical skills. This is not true because the easiest form of counting cards is not by making an individual count but through assigning a certain value to each hand dealt to you.

There are many card counting methods used in blackjack. One of the most popular claims that 8 out of 10 hands you play will lie somewhere in the +6 to -6 range providing little room for mistakes. To learn how to count cards in blackjack, you will need a computer program as well as a reliable online blackjack site.

Before stepping into the casino floor, you need to constantly practice how to count until you develop the confidence to do this on a real world casino. There are no special requirements needed in practice except a set of standard playing cards and getting the services of three friends while you act as the dealer. By doing so, you will have a hands-on experience on how it is to count cards in blackjack in the casinos of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Eventually, as you continue honing your skill, you would realize that you are getting enough speed with card counting.

You need to bear in mind that counting cards is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to winning in blackjack. Learning basic strategy is the most important skill that you need to learn because it is the basis where all blackjack systems are rooted from.

So start off your blackjack venture by using the same basic foundations and winning strategies used by professionals of the game. This is the only way wherein you can get an assurance that you will leave the table on a winning note.

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