There is an alternative to the eighteen-unit goal, eighty minute average timetable for completion. You must always remember that the longer %°0u stay at the tables. the better the chance of your losing or hitting u long losing streak. Which can be humbling. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that many times over!}

So, the alternate method might be as follows: If you’re a $7 bettor and want to make, let’s say, twenty units per day, then you might consider betting $10 units and looking for a three to six-unit goal and getting out! This may take ten or twenty minutes using the forthcoming strategies, but it has its benefits.

Although you get out of the game quicker with a smaller gain, you can go to another table or another casino and do it again, making another three- to six-unit hit real fast. Do this three to four times daily and you’ll easily make your twenty-unit daily goal; in most cases you’ll see an average twenty- to thirty-five unit gain spread for an average play time of just under two hours. What does that add tip to for the hourly win rate? About 575 an hour! That’s not bad, is it?

So now you’re asking, “What does this have to do with the session and bankroll topics?” The answer is plenty! If you adjust for shorter playing time and bigger units, you still have to adjust your total bankroll and session packet sizes. To accomplish the $10 unit size and smaller win goals in a shorter time frame, I recommend a minimum bankroll of $1,000 with session packets of around $330 to $350.

I would never recommend trying this escalated and accelerated method with fewer than 40(x) session packets with always (3) packets on you because you could get caught in a short-term losing streak and the escalating bets could really get big in a hurry and wipe you out! Again, the important thing is that you have a complementary bankroll that matches your bet units so you can stay in the game.